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Visit Kaspersky   When you are willing to buy antivirus software, what do you do to define which one is the finest? You probably read reports of labs which compare different antivirus solutions. Or you may decide to browse various forums and read what other people have to say about the issue. And if you are really attentive, you will probably notice that Kaspersky review looks the most appealing which is completely predictable. The software is 100% effective in revealing viruses and removing them from computers with Windows 7 through Windows 10. Kaspersky protection is based on three core principles: file-signature check to discover menaces, monitoring of behavior to track zero-day viruses and check of the dubious software coming from users? devices. All Kaspersky products utilize similar technology and they perform equally well when detecting and removing unwanted software. Kaspersky antivirus provides an on-screen keyboard which guarantees protection to your passwords. It also checks your system for old programs and unsafe settings. The detection capabilities make it possible to avoid ?false alarms?.

Kaspersky antivirus review: main products

Kaspersky’s defense possibilities depend on the product you purchase. The main set of features which goes with the free product is similar to what competitors offer. It provides general protection and reports on suspicious sites. The paid versions offer stronger features, including security checks and access to top-quality technical assistance. Thus, the premium Kaspersky Total Security (annual packages start from $100) provides all the makings, with file encryption, backups, and tools to manage your password. The middle-class Kaspersky Internet Security (annual packages start from $80) will satisfy all of your needs, including camera protection, a hardened browser, a day of secure data through a VPN (up to 200Mb); unbounded VPN data protection is possible for extra $30 annually. The product also checks all computers in your home network and does not let unwanted software be installed. Kaspersky internet security review shows that none of the software slows down a user’s computer. According to AV-TEST Product Review and Certification Report ? Mar-Apr/2017, the users who preferred Kaspersky noticed an 8% slower installation of other applications, while the other products average is a 25% slowdown. Each product has a 30-days free trial. For Kaspersky internet security download make sure your device fulfills of the requirements for the program, remove all incompatible software and close the running applications. If you still have questions, please contact the support team.

Brief Kaspersky reviews of 2019 products

Kaspersky has improved its defense for 2019 products. The most essential is the improved capacity to notice ?file-less? malware which taints memory and remains traceless on the storage drive. Kaspersky Labs sends out updates for its users daily. You can adjust the program’s settings to control its intrusiveness. The company presents its new products – Kaspersky Removal Tool and Kaspersky Security Cloud but you will not find it in the review because it is not an antivirus product. It is rather an application which has basic protection available with an uninterrupted Internet connection. Visit Kaspersky


  1. I believe it was one of the first software I ever tried. In general, I was satisfied with the product. Still, I had to change the antivirus due to the price.
    Apart from that, I would anyway recommend Kaspersky antivirus as it is a good antivirus, without any doubts.

  2. Kaspersky is my choice since 2013, I guess. There are packs for home and for business. I use both, in fact, and didn’t mention any drawback so far.

  3. At first, I was concerned with the cost as there are, obviously, some other products that are less pricey. However, if you need good software, then you should pay to get it.

  4. Finally, I decided on trying this antivirus and it was a successful decision! A really solid list of protective tools and everything works smooth. I’d say 5 stars out of 5.


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