Protect Your Business’ Sensual Information with Board portal software

There are many board portals on the market, but how to choose the one for your business? We will compare the best services to help you manage remote teams, and improve communication.

What do you need to conduct a video conference in board software?

Due to the growing trend of remote work, many companies have begun to actively use conferencing, group video calls, and general chats. Video conferencing is a modern and multifunctional communication technology that provides the transfer of audio and video information between two or more subscribers. Today, video conferencing systems are used in a variety of areas: business, the financial sector, government agencies, distance education, recruitment, medicine, transportation, etc.

Board meeting rooms are used for video conferencing with remote participants. Video conferencing equipment allows participants to hear and see each other at a distance in real-time, share content (presentations, slides, videos).

Boardrooms have become the most widespread in business, especially with the advent of the pandemic and the active spread of remote means of interaction. The meeting room is now available in almost any company. It is a place where meetings between employees, meetings with clients, discussions of projects and future plans are held.

Where are board portals used?

  • Video conferencing for business. Make the most of your business negotiations without tedious travel/flights to different parts of the world. The stunning quality of video/voice transmission, the ability to broadcast documents to the interlocutors, presentations from the desktop of your computer will allow you to achieve the same results as from a personal meeting.
  • Presentations. Gather all partners, both existing and potential, into a single conference to show them a new product, goods, and services. At the same time, forget about the problems of ensuring their relocation, accommodation, etc.
  • Online training. Your employees are no longer “tied” to the main office. Thanks to video conferencing, you can conduct online training, consultation of your staff anywhere in the world.
  • For telemedicine. Exchange of experience, remote consultation of patients, broadcasting of operations to several audiences.
  • For the mass media. Interviews, seminars, briefings, online broadcasts of events with guests and participants anywhere in the world.

Collaboration with data in boardrooms

A board portal software is, first of all, a means of teamwork. Therefore, in addition to the audio and video quality it provides, it is necessary to evaluate the level of the provided data collaboration capabilities. The latter include file transfer, whiteboard, document, and application sharing. The so-called “whiteboard” is a special application that opens a window on the video conference screen in which each participant can enter both text and graphics. Moreover, all changes become visible to any participant.

Many boardrooms support the sharing of document-oriented applications such as word processors or spreadsheets, as well as collaboration with applications not directly related to document creation. Thanks to the ability to share data during a video conference, conditions are created for effective cooperation between project participants in the process of working on a particular task; and their physical distance from each other no longer hinders this work.

Personal video conferencing systems are often used in company LANs. A local area network is capable of providing high bandwidth, and therefore high-quality picture and sound. However, a wide bandwidth is used for the transmission of other data streams, and accordingly, transmission delays are possible, to which video streams are extremely sensitive, therefore, full-fledged LAN-based videoconferencing sessions cannot be guaranteed.

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